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Carrier Overview

TelePacific is a full service, facilities-based company with premier customer service and competitive prices. TelePacific covers markets in California and Nevada and offers a full range of voice, local, and data products including private line, conference calling, internet, colocation, and web hosting.

Pricing & Instructions:

Use the spreadsheet below to find Telepacific budgetary pricing.

EoC locations may use pricing listed on the “BW Blast II Promo Tiers” and “Tier 1” tabs, while non-EoC locations pricing is listed on the “Tier 2” tab.

How to verify if EoC is available at an address:

Request EoC verification by emailing, cc Craig Marshall and with the customer’s business name and service address.

Telepacific will respond within 24-48 with EoC results.

Standard pricing – Tier 2
Discounted pricing – Tier 1
Promotional pricing – BW Blast II Promo

If more aggressive pricing is needed, forward the EoC address results to Craig Marshall to discover if additional discounts can be applied to the opportunity.

View the full pricing spreadsheet here: in a new window


No promotions are currently available. Please check back monthly for updates.


Craig Marshall
Senior Agent Manager
Direct: 510.995.5574
Mobile: 916.416.3699
cmarshall@telepacific.comopens in a new window
telepacific.comopens in a new window

Network Consulting Group Support: 714.508.7171 or email quotes@ncgtelecom.comopens in a new window
Telepacific Customer Care: 877.487.8722

Product Portfolio

For more information, to place an order, or to open a trouble ticket, please contact quotes@ncgtelecom.comopens in a new window