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Technology Expense Management

Gartner researchopens in a new window estimates that 80% of businesses are overpaying for their telecommunications services by between 6 and 8 percent each month and most businesses are spending 22-26% more on I.T. services than they should be. NCG’s technology expense management team can define your network requirements and optimize its performance, often for less than you’re currently paying.

Our across-the-board partnerships and carrier-neutral viewpoint puts us in a unique position to prescribe the best solution tailored to your business needs.

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  • Audit & Analysis – To ensure all services and equipment are accurately delivered at the contracted rates, we’ll thoroughly analyze your billing statements, catch errors, and resolve discrepancies.
  • Support Tickets – We’ll open, manage, and escalate support tickets, and follow through until issues are resolved.
  • Contract Negotiation – Our extensive experience in the telecommunications and network services sectors can help you save thousands on your contracts.
  • Provisioning – Every aspect of provisioning, including service selection, installation dates, rates, terms, and special considerations, are handled by our experienced staff.


Our Shared Savings Planopens in a new window provides comprehensive auditing and ongoing monitoring of your technology spend so you don’t overpay for essential equipment and services. Find out more about the program here.

You’re busy running your business. Let NCG handle the rest.

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Learn About Our Shared Savings Plan