Why Should You Care About SD-WAN?

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SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is the future of networking. It enables you to use a broadband internet connection to virtualize your legacy network hardware to reduce the costs associated with traditional MPLS networking. Some providers of SD-WAN even claim they can cut your networking costs by 90%, a stunning savings that will make you the favorite of the CEO. If the following are true for you, then SD-WAN is probably right for your business:

My business has multiple locations

SD-WAN is really useful for businesses with many branches or locations, such as retail stores, banking and financial services, law firms, education, manufacturing, and healthcare.

The reason: it reduces the costs of connecting one location to another, so everyday operations like sharing data and running software become easier and cheaper, without sacrificing performance.

My MPLS network is too costly

SD-WAN can reduce your networking costs, maybe as much as 90%. (Find out more about pricing from our network experts.)

The reason: MPLS infrastructure is very expensive, but SD-WAN overlays your existing MPLS so you can leverage both your traditional network and also your broadband connection.

I want to understand my network performance better

SD-WAN allows you to have better visibility into your network.

The reason: SD-WAN providers offer management and reporting tools so that you have a window into your network. With virtual WAN, you can see your traffic and efficiency reports that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to see with your legacy network. This allows for streamlining and optimization to make your operations even more efficient.

I need to guarantee performance of my mission-critical operations

SD-WAN helps you guarantee the performance of your business applications.

The reason: As more and more applications move to the cloud, MPLS connections are not as effective. Virtual WAN provides a cloud solution to enhance the performance of your applications. It helps to reduce redundancies in your network and enhances the speed and agility of your network.

But don’t just take our word for it. The tech industry is abuzz with news about cloud WAN and its merits. For more information about implementation and pricing, contact our experts today.

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