New Year, New Cyber Threats

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Have you had to deal with security issues in the past year? Brace yourself; there are more to come. For this reason, security experts have become indispensable to businesses. They guard tech-dependent individuals and businesses against malicious attacks that pose threats to their privacy and livelihood. As you ring in the new year, make sure you’re well-armed against the following cyber-crimes predicted to grow in 2017.


Cloud services have numerous benefits to businesses. They make data storage, collaboration, and processing more efficient; they enable employees to work faster; and they help operations flow smoother. Cloud technology’s popularity is expected to rise well into the next few years, but as demand increases, so does the dangers presented by cyber attackers.


Ransomware incapacitates computer systems by locking down files and preventing access until a ransom is paid. In its 2016 Threat Predictions report, security software company McAfee predicts a peak in ransomware attacks next year. Although they also predict it to recede by mid-year, damages to vulnerable cloud-dependent infrastructures can be great and costly. Most alarming, however, is the prediction that in the coming year ransomware attacks will be more complex and harder to detect.

Ransomworms, which use advanced victimization techniques to mine data within an already compromised network, are expected to put an even crueler spin to an already formidable malware. Doxing, on the other hand, affects avenues such as social media and any place where sensitive, easily identifiable information can be extracted to serve the ultimate purpose of extorting money. Yet another wicked ransomware to watch out for is Backup Deletion, which destroys the very mechanism that can otherwise help you recover from a compromised system or files: your backup data.


It is also predicted that 2017 will see attacks made on IoT-powered devices. Targets may include medical devices and Electronic Medical Records, “connected cars”, basic domestic tools, and tech-driven wearables, such as smartwatches and fitness trackers. The danger posed by this intrusion is fully capable of corrupting information stored in your devices.


Cyber espionage is by no means a novelty. It affects all sectors, including individuals, private organizations, government institutions, and entire countries. Perpetrators will have the means to bypass networks by attacking firewalls and wreak havoc in their victims’ networks. There will be measures in place to detect this threat in the coming year, but vigilance is necessary.

Hackers are some of the most cunning criminals. While security experts put up serious defenses, threats to security systems can still make technology-dependent individuals and businesses shake in their boots. Although damaged networks can be repaired, compromised privacy restored, and stolen data returned, the amount of damage that hackers can cause might be irreparable and/or result in a significant dent in your IT infrastructure and budget. The value of a network security system makes itself known when you least expect it, which is why security should be a top priority.

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