7 Reasons Why You Need a Disaster Recovery Plan

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Many business owners think they can get away with not having a disaster recoveryopens in a new window plan, or only minimal protection of their assets. Here’s something to make you think twice about that strategy: 20% of businesses will experience a failure (flood, fire, outage, etc) in a given year, and 80% of those businesses will fail about a year after the disaster.¹

So, if you’re playing devil-may-care with your business, consider these 7 reasons you need a disaster recovery plan.

You can’t actually afford downtime.

Think about it. Can you go days or weeks (or months!) without your businesses functioning properly? Can you weather the losses and costs of replacing valuable assets, plus risk losing customers who lose faith in your business?

Stuff breaks.

100% of I.T. professionals have experienced a hardware failure at some point. Even the best and newest machines break sometimes.

Natural disasters happen. And they seem to be getting bigger and more powerful with every passing year.

Virtually every area in the country is vulnerable to some kind of natural disaster. Storms, floods, tornadoes, fires and earthquakes have cost the world over $300 billion per year on average.²

Compliance and regulations require you to have disaster recovery.

65% of companies need to be able to produce a disaster recovery report to meet regulations. Consider also that you’re on the hookopens in a new window if your data is breached, too.

You spent a lot of time building your business and you should protect it.

Only 35% of small and medium-sized businesses have a disaster recovery plan in place,³ but that is crazy considering that downtime and lost data can ruin your reputation, cost you money, and even put you out of business.

To err is human.

80% of unplanned outages are due to mistakes made by administrators and 60% of performance errors are the result of misconfiguration of hardware and/or services.

It will actually save you money.

We’ve covered how not having a DR plan could put you out of business and cost you tons of money to restore business assets. You wouldn’t drive without car insurance, so don’t do business without the proper types of insurance. And, with virtualization, disaster recovery costs 1/3 of what it used to cost when businesses were running duplicate sites and servers.

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