4 Reasons Why Managed Security Is the Right Choice for Your Business

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One of our security partners told us that every time they offer a potential customer a free trial of their security service, they find an active threat to that customer’s network. Every. Single. Time. You may think that a managed security service is just too much for your business and that you can’t possibly be so at risk that it’s worth it to spend money on security measures besides your basic firewall. This list of benefits provided by a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) may make you think twice.

Their specialized knowledge can save you a ton of money — and a headache.

You wouldn’t ask your business development team to fix a plumbing issue in your building, right? You call a plumber for two reasons: 1) because they know from experience how to address and remedy the issue quickly 2) because, though your business development team may be competent enough to snake a drain, that’s not the best use of their time. They are better off generating revenue and serving your clients because that’s what they do best.

The same logic applies to security. Your I.T. team may be competent to address some security threats, but that’s not what you hired them to do. They are there to make sure your systems are running smoothly and you are investing in the right equipment and technology, and also troubleshooting software issues so your employees can work efficiently. Managing network security effectively is a full-time job for someone who doesn’t have the specialized knowledge and experience to do it well. It requires more than just monitoring the firewall.

Like calling a plumber, outsourcing to a managed security team means you can conduct business in confidence and know that your security issues are being handled by an efficient specialist. You won’t worry that you I.T. team is missing something, and they will focus on your core business.

Plus, MSSPs cost less than hiring an in-house, full-time security team. The cost of hiring a full-time three-person security team starts at $240,000 + hardware costs (based on data from InformationWeek’s most recent Salary Surveyopens in a new window). An MSSP can spread the investment in analysts, hardware, software, and facilities over several clients, reducing the per client cost.

Managed security is proactive rather than reactive.

Your in-house team can only respond to threats that have already happened. They may be able to mitigate the effects of a breach or ransomware, but there will inevitably still be some loss or fallout.

A managed security team, given that they serve many diverse clients and due to their specialized training, frankly know more about the security threat landscape than your in-house team ever will. No one can promise to catch every hacking attempt or breach (there are MILLIONS) and please be wary of any service provider who promises that, but a managed security services team will be the best bet for catching threats before they become an issue for your business.

You don’t get just 40 hours a week; you get 24/7 security monitoring 365 days a year.

Your in-house team will be asleep at 3:40 a.m. when that Russian hacker is silently siphoning your business’s valuable data undetected.

You can count on emergency alerts and off-hours action with a managed security services provider.

You get built-in, immediate consulting when things go awry.

Say your in-house team does detect a threat. (And they will — there are 3,600 new users compromised by just ransomware dailyopens in a new window, or 1,314,000/year.) They will do everything they can to mitigate the costs, but how can you be sure they are doing everything correctly? How do you know when you’re liable for a breachopens in a new window and when you’re not?

You don’t want to be scrambling for a strategy when you’re actively under attack from a malicious hacker. An MSSP can be an essential guide for four reasons:

  1. They have advanced warning of threats and so can advise you on countermeasures before you reach a crisis point.
  2. They have experience advising other customers in the same security situations and can use their experience to your advantage.
  3. They often have access to high-level and international security experts who can help diagnose and respond to issues in a matter of hours where an in-house team could take weeks.
  4. MSSPs are involved with law enforcement agencies and understand what evidence and analysis are needed to support legal proceedings if they are necessary.

Here are the next steps:

It’s time to wise up. Consider that most security breaches cost an average of $154 per record. The average consolidated total cost of a data breach is $3.8 million. Don’t lose thousands (or millions) of dollars to some unknown hacker.

Consider the benefitsopens in a new window that one of our security partners, Vigilant Technology Solutions, can offer you. And if they don’t seem like the right fit, we can help you find the best provider based on your business size, industry, compliance requirements, and budget. Our business exists to get you the best deal and maybe even perks like a free trial or a promotional price.

Contact usopens in a new window today to get the protection and service you used to think you didn’t need.