Think You’re Not Responsible for a Data Breach? Think Again.

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Is your business in California? If so, the California Data Breach Reportopens in a new window is required reading. Produced by the office of the Attorney General, it outlines the findings on the nature of breaches affecting California businesses and what can be done to prevent and mitigate them.

Inside you’ll find detailed reports on the types and scale of recent security breaches as well as recommendations and guidelines for protecting your data.

Report Highlights:

“While there is no perfect security, organizations have a responsibility to protect personal information. External adversaries cause most data breaches, but this does not mean that organizations are solely victims; they are also stewards of the data they collect and maintain. People entrust businesses and other organizations with their data on the understanding that the organizations have a both an ethical and a legal obligation to protect it from unauthorized access… Just like California law, the federal legal regimes invoke a concept of providing “reasonable” and/or “appropriate” information security in order to fulfill an organization’s responsibilities.”

“The 20 controls in the Center for Internet Security’s Critical Security Controls outline a minimum level of information security that all organizations that collect or maintain personal information should meet. The failure to implement all the controls that apply to an organization’s environment constitutes a lack of reasonable security.”

“A significant portion of the breaches that put the personal information in over 49 million records at risk in the past four years were the result of the exploitation of known vulnerabilities for which there are known controls.”

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Additionally, follow this link to view a list of all the companies in California that have experienced a breach: in a new window.

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