10 Network Industry Facts That Will Surprise You

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Whether you’re an IT pro looking for validation or a salesperson looking for a catchy conversation-starter, these network industry statistics will blow you away.


Average number of changes made to an enterprise network each month.


Percentage of IT pros who list routine maintenance as their least favorite task.


Ratio of network devices to engineers in 2015.


Number of third-party vendors that access an average company network every week.


Percentage of IT pros who say they don’t have the WAN visibility they need to effectively troubleshoot problems.


Users compromised by ransomware daily.


Percentage of in-house network administrators who don’t fully know how their network is configured.


Percentage of employees who still have a valid login and password to at least one business application after they’re let go.


Average number of network outages a company experiences per month.


Average number of insider network attacks per business each year.

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Statistics source: Auvik blogopens in a new window

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