Sales Ace: 6 Ways to Sell Cloud DaaS to Your C-Suite

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The scenario: You’re an overworked IT pro trying against all odds to focus on your business’s core needs. You’re looking to move your business toward more cloud solutions, but you’re having trouble convincing the boss to invest. The trick is to sell cloud DaaS (Desktop as a Service or Virtual Desktop) as value, not price. Here are 6 tactics that can help you sway your decision-makers.

Virtual desktop is a business expense, not a capital expense.

Unlike on-premise software, which requires an upfront investment in the application itself, the hardware to run the application on, and the employee time costs of installing and running the software on all the devices, desktop as a service is an application that is accessible via the internet and requires no installation or maintenance on your end.

Rather than making an irreversible investment in software that may turn out not to be the right fit for your business in the future, doftware as a service offers a pay-as-you-go and pay-as-you-need model.

Cloud DaaS offerings have utility and ease in mind.

DaaS businesses put a premium on designing easy-to-use interfaces and visibility into how the tool is working (or not) for your business. Unlike some on-premise solutions, you will probably not experience steep learning curves or long wait times with DaaS applications.

Consider how valuable it is to save your employees time. Plus, many virtual desktop solutions will offer freemium versions or free trials so you can test the value yourself without paying a dime.

Cloud DaaS is maintained for you, not by you.

Since software is hosted by the vendor, you’re not responsible for upgrades or for security. That’s really valuable because, let’s face it, a cloud DaaS business probably has better security measures in place than your enterprise. Maybe you don’t want to mention that part to your boss, but you can typically be confident in the security systems the vendor has in place.

You can also bet that DRaaS (disaster-recovery-as-a-service) is part of the vendor’s strategy – one less thing for you to worry about.

Cloud DaaS has higher adoption rates.

Your colleagues are more likely to use DaaS platforms than your on-premise software. Why? Because they know it’s going to be more intuitive. It’s the bandwagon effect of cloud solutions.

Cloud DaaS allows you to work anywhere.

Mobility is awesome. With more and more businesses offering remote working opportunities, which enable them to save money on overhead costs and improve employee morale, being able to access your work from anywhere is more important than ever before.

Even if your business doesn’t have remote workers, think about the increased connectivity your C-Suite can have when they put in time on the weekends, during travel, and while attending conferences and other business events.

Cloud DaaS allows for better customization and integration.

Most cloud virtual desktops are going to be customizable to your business needs and be capable of integrating with other business software. This helps to streamline processes for all employees and to provide greater insight into how your applications are working for your business and where they may be leveraged. It’s a win for everyone.

Network Consulting Group can help you put together a comprehensive and customized sales strategy to present to your c-suite or even interface with them on your behalf. Contact us today to find out what cloud solutions are right for your business. We may even surprise you by finding cost savings, and our assessment is always free.