Trending in Tech: 3 Things You’re Not Doing To Protect Your Network Security

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If you’ve never experienced a breach, chances are you’re not thinking much about network security. You should be, though, because the average cost of a breach is $154 per record.

Here are three things you can do to help make sure your network stays secure.

Role-based authorization

Also called rationalized access, this strategy ensures that access to services is needs-based. It’s undemocratic, but most likely not all of your employees will need the same level of access to applications. Just as you might assign page roles for your business Facebook page, you can also assign roles to many other applications. Generally, you can find access or role management in the account management tools on an application.

This goes for the c-suite, too. Though the CEO of your business may be trusted with the information, they don’t necessarily need administrative access to all business applications, particularly those that they don’t actively use or need to monitor.

The fewer the people with administrative access, the better.

Password optimization

This may seem like a no-brainer, but some best practices for passwords may surprise you. For instance, did you know that passwords should only really be used for 90 days? Inconvenient, yes, but true nonetheless. Changing your passwords frequently is easier with a password management system.

Password differentiation is also important. Don’t use the same password for different applications! Using the same passwords makes a cascading security breach all the more likely.

Tip: Some password management systems are free, like Keeperopens in a new window or LastPassopens in a new window.

Network activity monitoring

This is the neighborhood watch strategy for network security. Regular monitoring ensures that you know what normal activity on your network looks like. That way, you can spot strange activity more easily and thwart attempts at security breaches.

Don’t know how or don’t have time to monitor your network? You’re in luck! You can get managed network securityopens in a new window from many providers. If you want to know the best strategy for your business, contact usopens in a new window and find out at no cost.

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