Trending in Tech: 5 Essentials for a Business Phone System

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Chances are your legacy, on-premise business phone systems are reaching the end of their life. Business managers are notoriously hesitant to upgrade their existing phone systems, but the reality is that they are missing out on important features of cloud-based phone services.

1. Mobility opens in a new window

Your on-the-go and remote employees can get calls transferred from their desk phone to their mobile devices seamlessly. These sophisticated apps allow you to make calls from your mobileopens in a new window that appear is if they come from your desk phone number, store all of your important work contacts, and can route calls back you your colleagues if you are unavailable. And checking voicemail remotely has never been easier.

2. Unified Messaging

Get voicemail, email, and fax delivered to a single device. Your voicemails can be delivered in an audio file or even a transcription so you can easily read and respond when you’re out of the office.

3. Video Calls

Get some face time with your colleagues from virtually any mobile device.

4. Administrative Access

The days of calling or emailing your service provider to open a ticket are over. With administrative access to your phone system portal, you can make necessary changes like call routing and resetting passwords on your own without racking up change fees.

5. Integration & Business Instant Messaging

Business class systems allow for calendar and CRM integration, among other things. Colleagues can see whether you’re busy, on a phone call, and more, even when you’re out of the office. They also allow for instant messaging, so getting in touch with your colleagues can’t get any easier.

Bring your business phone systems into the 21st century with our help. Contact usopens in a new window today and get a free assessment and quote for your new business phone system.