Above and Beyond: Going to Bat for Our Customers

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Betty-TaOne of our customers got into a sticky situation with their service provider recently. They were looking to upgrade their service, signed a contract, and then decided that they did not need to upgrade after all. Then, even though the service was never installed or activated, the customer found themselves locked into the contract and faced with a $7,000 cancellation charge. They asked us if anything could be done.

The customer’s claim was an uphill battle because they had already signed off on the cancellation charges. Most telecom pros would look at the scenario and call it quits. For anyone with industry knowledge, it was plain to see the cards were stacked high and carrier representatives who were involved in the deal took a firm position against the claim.

Our Operations Manager, Betty Ta, went above and beyond to get her customer the credit they deserved. The carrier wouldn’t budge, but Betty wouldn’t take no for an answer. She worked tirelessly for four months, looking for loopholes and going back and forth with the carrier, and proved that the squeaky wheel gets the grease! The full credit was finally issued. This was a huge win for both the customer and for Network Consulting Group! How’s that for customer service?

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